• SK42 ATAK Plugin
    Adeptus Cyber Solutions is committed to pushing the boundaries of geospatial technology and cybersecurity, and SK42 is a testament to that commitment. The plugin’s advanced features empower users to navigate and communicate more effectively in complex and dynamic environments. SK42 seamlessly integrates with the ATAK platform, preserving the user-friendly interface and accessibility that ATAK is… Read more: SK42 ATAK Plugin
  • Snapshot
    Introducing Snapshot: Your Quick and Easy Screen Capture Solution for ATAK-CIV Enhance your ATAK-CIV experience with Snapshot, a powerful plugin designed to simplify the screen capture process. Whether you’re navigating critical data, conducting operations, or analyzing maps, Snapshot provides a seamless solution to capture and mark essential moments instantly. Key Features: Why Choose Snapshot: Explore… Read more: Snapshot