Client Problem: Connecting two disparate ecosystems (ESRI and TAK) to be able to share location data

ACS Solution: Connecting the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) ecosystem to the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ecosystem to provide a common operating picture.

Adeptus Cyber Solutions’ TAK2ESRI solution serves as a crucial link between the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) ecosystem and the ESRI ecosystem, providing seamless integration and visualization of location data inside of ESRI. This solution is particularly valuable for law enforcement, first responders, government and defense applications where real-time location information is critical for decision-making.

TAK2ESRI connects to a TAK Server and listens for position updates sent out by TAK EUDs, converts the location updates and then posts them into the an ESRI feature service. Once the data is in the ESRI feature service, the data can be consumed and viewed how the user chooses.

TAK2ESRI benefits:

  • Secure – No ports need to be opened when connecting TAK to ESRI allowing for secure communication transfer.
  • Amplifies – By adding TAK to ESRI, ESRI users gain precise, on-demand positional information of the EUDs, allowing for clear and accurate decision making.
  • Flexibility – Choice of deployment, in the cloud or premises based (docker image), for best organizational fit and security.
  • Customizable – Once the data is transferred in the ESRI, the end user controls the data. This adaptability ensures that end users can tailor the display of information to meet their specific needs.

Use Cases:

  • Sporting Events
    • Enhance situational awareness during sporting events by tracking the movement of personnel, equipment, or assets in real-time.
    • Current mode allows for a focus on the most recent data, aiding in quick decision-making during critical situations.
  • Natural Disasters
    • Aid disaster response efforts by monitoring the real-time location of rescue teams and resources.
  • Search and Rescue
    • Breadcrumb mode can provide a historical record of the event, helping analyze and optimize future event logistics. Also aid search and rescue, to help ensure already searched areas are not duplicated, or pinpoint areas/margins that still need to be searched.

Ideal Client uses for TAK2ESRI:

  • Law enforcement – for safety and security of the public
  • Government – for battlefield awareness, protection of officials
  • First Responders – for situational awareness in emergencies or the battlefield
  • FEMA – natural disasters, monitoring of ATAK assets in the field from their command posts
  • Border Patrol – to effectivly know where security is or needs to be
  • Large sporting events (Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics) – for security, safety of spectators, staff, emergency staff, players, performers

Take your ESRI experience to the next level by using the ACSolutions TAK2ESRI software! This uniquely developed software provides robust location analysis securely and authentically. With the ability to deploy in two modes, operate in a variety of locations, use the real-time and historical data to make enhanced situational decisions with assured confidence.

For more information, please see our portfolio on this software or to discuss further information regarding price, how to customize TAK2ESRI for your organization, or for other information, please contact us.