ACS ATAK Plugin Safety Plugin

Public Safety ATAK Plugin

Client Problem:

While ATAK excels in situational awareness, it falls short in meeting the specific needs of Public Safety. Originally designed for military use, its built-in roles and team structures are not well-suited for Public Safety operations.

ACS Solution:

Adeptus Cyber Solutions has engaged with a group of ATAK advocates in Public Safety to understand the limitations of the current system. Listening to their feedback, we have developed the Public Safety Plugin for ATAK. This plugin empowers users to create custom roles and teams as well as add new information about the user/EUD, making ATAK an even more powerful tool in their toolkit.

What does the Public Safety Plugin do?

While the Public Safety Plugin is a plugin to ATAK, it only provides settings to help augment to capabilities of ATAK.
Public Safety Plugin Settings

Key Features:

  • Custom Roles
    • The Public Safety Plugin comes with a default set of roles that are geared towards its users such as Team Lead, SWAT, Medic, K9, Fire Engine, Ladder, Rescue, Ambulance, etc. The power comes from the users ability to change the list to fit their organization’s needs.
Screenshot showing the user definable roles in the Public Safety plugin
Public Safety Plugin Roles
  • Custom Teams
    • Teams are vital to communication. Knowing who belongs to which team/organization quickly during the time of a crisis is vital. The Public Safety Plugin allows the user to define a meaningful team name, i.e. Myrtle Beach Police, and define a color for that team, i.e. blue. Now when you pull up a contact in ATAK you can see not only their color, but also to which organization they belong.
Screenshot showing the user definable teams in the Public Safety Plugin
Public Safety Plugin Teams
  • Additional Capabilities
    • This feature of the Public Safety Plugin allows users to add extra information about themselves or the equipment. For example, you have the ATAK EUD mounted in a Fire Engine and so the EUD’s role would be Fire Engine. This Fire Engine has Advanced Life Saving capabilities and this information can be vital during an emergency. The plugin allows the users to define additional capabilities and assign them to the EUD. So, when someone in the field needs to know where the closest Advanced Life Saving vehicle is, they can find it quickly.
Screenshot showing the extra capabilities that can be added to your information from the Public Safety Plugin
Public Safety Plugin Extra Capabilities

How does the Public Safety Plugin enhance the overall user experience?

Here, you can see the selected contact’s role and team. With the Public Safety Plugin, you can now see they are a Medic from Myrtle Beach Fire and their team color is Red.

Showing the Role and Team for the selected contact

Here we can see the extra capabilities of this unit.

Showing the extra capabilities of the selected contact

How does the Public Safety Plugin information look on a TAK Server?

The screenshot below is from a GOTS TAK Server client dashboard. Notice how the first connected device, without the Public Safety Plugin, simply shows up as a “Team Member.” In contrast, the next two devices, equipped with the Public Safety Plugin, clearly display their role and organization. This illustrates the enhanced clarity and functionality our plugin brings to Public Safety operations.

Screenshot from the TAK Server Client Dashboard highlight that the role and teams of connected devices with the Public Safety plugin are visible here.
GOTS TAK Server Client Dashboard

Want to learn more about how Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC is helping public safety?  Contact us to find out more!

TSaaS (TAK Server as a Service)

Client Problem

Need the ability to connect TAK (ATAK or iTAK) End User Devices (EUDs) on differnet networks and do not have enough resources or experience to stand up and manage a TAK Server

ACS Solution

Have Adeptus Cyber Solutions fill that void by offering TAK Server as a Service (TSaaS) to your organization. We will work with you to determine what is the best place to host your TAK Server (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, etc.).

We will:

  • keep the server’s operating system up to date (monthly)
  • keep the TAK Server up to date (monthly)
    • before moving to the next minor version we will communicate with you
  • secure the operating system
  • secure the TAK Server

Through our partners we can bring you TAK Server Administrator training. Inquire for more information.

Having worked with clients all around the globe setup, manage and secure their TAK Server instances. ACS is the right fit to fill that niche for you. Contact us to see how we can help your organization with TAK Server in the cloud.

Medical Incident Report ATAK Plugin

Medical Incident Report (MIR) ATAK Plugin

Client Problem:

In the critical moments following a medical incident, documenting the details accurately and efficiently is paramount. Recognizing the need for rapid incident reporting on-site, a client of ACS sought a solution to streamline the documentation process post-incident. 

ACS Solution:

Enter the Medical Incident Report Plugin, developed by Adeptus Cyber Solutions. This plugin allows users to initiate medical incident reports based on the Incident Command System, ICS, 206 form directly within the ATAK platform. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, vital information is captured promptly so medical personnel can develop treatment plans more effectively.

Who Would Benefit:

  • First Responders, EMTs, and Paramedics: Streamline incident documentation processes for improved efficiency in emergency response.
  • Security Officers: Enhance incident reporting capabilities to ensure accurate documentation of medical events.
  • Medical Incident Technicians in Emergency Triage Areas: Simplify the documentation process for better coordination and communication during medical incidents.
  • Unit Medics: Enable rapid incident reporting for comprehensive medical documentation in military settings.

Key Features: Upon completion of the incident report form, users can effortlessly generate an ICS 206 PDF, providing a comprehensive record of the incident for further analysis and review.

ICS 206 in ATAK

Experience ACS Innovation: The Medical Incident Report Plugin is another testament to ACS’s commitment to exceeding client satisfaction. Driven by a passion for fulfilling client needs and requests, we continue to innovate and deliver solutions that make a difference. If your organization could benefit from the Medical Incident Report Plugin, contact ACS today.

Custom ATAK Plugin Development

At Adeptus Cyber Solutions (ACS), we proudly lead the frontier in Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) plugin development, setting the standard for excellence in the field. Our approach is defined by a commitment to agile methodologies, ensuring that our development processes are dynamic, responsive, and finely tuned to meet the evolving needs of our clients. From the outset, we conduct thorough requirements analysis, working closely with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique operational challenges and objectives. Throughout the development lifecycle, we prioritize client engagement, fostering open communication and collaboration to ensure that our solutions precisely align with their needs.

Moreover, our dedication to quality is evident in our rigorous testing procedures, which are conducted at every stage of development to guarantee the reliability, security, and performance of our plugins. By adhering to best practices and maintaining a relentless focus on innovation, ACS consistently delivers ATAK plugins that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. As a trusted partner to government agencies, military organizations, and public safety entities, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the ATAK ecosystem, empowering our clients to achieve new levels of operational excellence.

Contact us today to discover how ACS can transform your ideas into reality within ATAK. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions that address your specific needs and objectives. Whether you’re looking to enhance situational awareness, streamline communication, or optimize operational effectiveness, ACS has the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us now to start the conversation and unlock the full potential of ATAK for your organization.

what3words ATAK Plugin

Client Problem

Are you tired of dealing with cumbersome coordinate systems that are prone to errors? Traditional positional coordinates in numeral form can be challenging to remember and easily mixed up when entered into mapping systems, causing confusion and delays.

ACS Solution

Enter the what3words ATAK plugin. Designed to revolutionize the way you convey location information, what3words divides the globe into 3-meter by 3-meter grids and assigns each section a unique set of three memorable words. This innovative geospatial coding system simplifies location sharing, making it easier than ever to communicate precise coordinates. Plus, all calculations within the what3words plugin are based on publicly available APIs provided by what3words or by the offline library, ensuring accessibility for military and first responders.

Key features of what3words ATAK plugin:

  • Integration into ATAK
  • Simplicity
  • Offline usage

Common Use Cases

Aids First Responders in shortening response times and improving coordination during critical situations to efficiently locate and reach incidents with pinpoint accuracy. Helps streamline search efforts and communicate exact locations effectively. Allows for logistics operations to easily tag locations where service and repairs are needed along with identifying the precise location for delivery of critical supplies.

Display Options

The what3words ATAK plugin offers versatile display options to suit various needs:

  • Your Current Location: Instantly share your precise location in the what3words format.
  • Selected Map Item: Identify and communicate the location of any map item with ease.

Experience Enhancements 

Built on the core ATAK application, the what3words plugin seamlessly integrates with existing functionalities, allowing users to easily convert to what3words or vice-versa, view locations in what3words, or even change a marker’s location via what3words.

Entering coordinates into what3words:

The what3words ATAK plugin adds the w3w tab which allows the user to enter the coordinates for the map item in what3words

Demonstration of the integration of what3words into the ATAK coordinate entry dialog

My location:

By default, ATAK displays my location in the selected coordinate system.  In this example the selected coordinate system is MGRS.  The plugin will display my location in what3words for easy reference.

Showing that what3words displays my location on the screen

Map items Location:

By default, ATAK displays the selected map item’s location in the selected coordinate system.  In this example, the selected coordinate system is MGRS. When selecting an item on the map the plugin will display that item’s what3word location.

Showing how the what3words plugin converts the selected markers coordinates on the screen

What is your what3words address? Ready to simplify your geospatial coordinates and enhance your navigation experience? Explore the what3words plugin for ATAK and revolutionize the way you communicate location information. To obtain further information or see a demonstration, contact us

Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC Announces Launch of Innovative ATAK Plugin Training Course

Myrtle Beach, SC [22 April 2024] – Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC is excited to unveil its latest offering, a cutting-edge ATAK Plugin Training Course designed to equip professionals with essential skills in Advanced Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) plugin development.

ATAK, a widely-used geospatial and situational awareness platform, is revolutionizing mission planning and execution for defense and emergency response teams. To maximize the potential of ATAK, Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC has developed a comprehensive 3-day training program focused on hands-on plugin development.

“Our ATAK Plugin Training Course is tailored for individuals and organizations seeking to leverage ATAK’s capabilities through custom plugins,” said Timothy Reed, Managing Director of Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC. “Participants will receive immersive training in plugin development, enabling them to create specialized tools and functionalities within the ATAK environment.”

Key highlights of the training course include:

  • In-depth exploration of ATAK plugin architecture and development principles.
  • Practical exercises and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning.
  • Guidance from industry experts with extensive experience in ATAK development.
  • Access to resources and support for continued learning and development.

The ATAK Plugin Training Course is ideal for software developers, engineers, and professionals involved in defense, public safety, and emergency response sectors.

“We are excited to empower participants with the skills to extend ATAK’s capabilities and adapt it to specific operational needs,” added Mr. Reed.

For more information and registration details, please visit or Contact Us

About Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC:

Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of cybersecurity and technology solutions, specializing in software development, consulting, and training services for defense, government and civilian agencies.

ATAK Plugin Development Training Course

Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC proudly introduces a comprehensive 3-day ATAK Plugin Development training course. This immersive program is meticulously crafted to provide a practical learning experience. Participants will delve into real-world scenarios, mastering the fundamentals of ATAK Plugin Development.

Our hands-on approach ensures that the knowledge acquired during the course is directly applicable to your projects. Through interactive sessions and guided exercises, participants will gain invaluable insights and skills to effectively design and implement ATAK Plugins.

To ensure that your team receives the best possible instruction, we send one of our expert trainers directly to your facility. Our dedicated trainer will work closely with your team, providing comprehensive guidance and support to maximize the effectiveness of the training session. We believe that this method fosters a more engaging and impactful learning experience, enabling your team to fully grasp and implement the skills and knowledge imparted.

Join us for this engaging training opportunity, tailored to empower you with the tools and expertise needed to enhance your ATAK capabilities and propel your projects forward. Unlock the full potential of ATAK Plugin Development with Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC.

Contact Us for more information or to schedule your companies training.

Pricing Update

At Adeptus Cyber Solutions, we deeply value customer feedback and are committed to continuously improving our services based on your input. In response to the valuable feedback we have received, we are announcing a revamp of our training pricing structure. Our new pricing model now includes the cost of the instructor’s travel to your facility, simplifying the process and providing greater transparency. This all-inclusive pricing allows for more straightforward budgeting and eliminates unexpected costs, ensuring you can plan effectively and with confidence. We believe this change will enhance your experience with our training programs and demonstrate our dedication to meeting your needs.

GOTS TAK Server systemd start scripts

The latest release of the GOTS TAK Server, version 5.1, retains legacy init.d scripts. Starting from version 5.0, the startup scripts were modularized into individual services, which alleviates server overload during startup.

In earlier iterations of the GOTS TAK Server, the startup process relied on a monolithic script that initiated all services simultaneously. This approach posed challenges by overwhelming CPUs as multiple TAK Server services competed for processing resources. Our team developed these scripts to mitigate such issues, enabling deployment on smaller virtual machines and EC2 instances.

Our newly introduced systemd scripts, accessible here, prioritize sequential service startup to reduce CPU load during initialization and align the scripts with current systemd standards. Extensive testing has been conducted on Amazon Linux 2023, CentOS 7, and RedHat 8 platforms to ensure compatibility and reliability.

Simplify deployment, enhance reliability, and optimize server performance. Explore how our innovative solutions empower efficient TAK Server administration for government, defense, and civilian sectors.

Contact Us if you would like assistance with or if you need a GOTS TAK Server installation.


Client Problem: Connecting two disparate ecosystems (ESRI and TAK) to be able to share location data

ACS Solution: Connecting the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) ecosystem to the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ecosystem to provide a common operating picture.

Adeptus Cyber Solutions’ TAK2ESRI solution serves as a crucial link between the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) ecosystem and the ESRI ecosystem, providing seamless integration and visualization of location data inside of ESRI. This solution is particularly valuable for law enforcement, first responders, government and defense applications where real-time location information is critical for decision-making.

TAK2ESRI connects to a TAK Server and listens for position updates sent out by TAK EUDs, converts the location updates and then posts them into the an ESRI feature service. Once the data is in the ESRI feature service, the data can be consumed and viewed how the user chooses.

TAK2ESRI benefits:

  • Secure – No ports need to be opened when connecting TAK to ESRI allowing for secure communication transfer.
  • Amplifies – By adding TAK to ESRI, ESRI users gain precise, on-demand positional information of the EUDs, allowing for clear and accurate decision making.
  • Flexibility – Choice of deployment, in the cloud or premises based (docker image), for best organizational fit and security.
  • Customizable – Once the data is transferred in the ESRI, the end user controls the data. This adaptability ensures that end users can tailor the display of information to meet their specific needs.

Use Cases:

  • Sporting Events
    • Enhance situational awareness during sporting events by tracking the movement of personnel, equipment, or assets in real-time.
    • Current mode allows for a focus on the most recent data, aiding in quick decision-making during critical situations.
  • Natural Disasters
    • Aid disaster response efforts by monitoring the real-time location of rescue teams and resources.
  • Search and Rescue
    • Breadcrumb mode can provide a historical record of the event, helping analyze and optimize future event logistics. Also aid search and rescue, to help ensure already searched areas are not duplicated, or pinpoint areas/margins that still need to be searched.

Ideal Client uses for TAK2ESRI:

  • Law enforcement – for safety and security of the public
  • Government – for battlefield awareness, protection of officials
  • First Responders – for situational awareness in emergencies or the battlefield
  • FEMA – natural disasters, monitoring of ATAK assets in the field from their command posts
  • Border Patrol – to effectivly know where security is or needs to be
  • Large sporting events (Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics) – for security, safety of spectators, staff, emergency staff, players, performers

Take your ESRI experience to the next level by using the ACSolutions TAK2ESRI software! This uniquely developed software provides robust location analysis securely and authentically. With the ability to deploy in two modes, operate in a variety of locations, use the real-time and historical data to make enhanced situational decisions with assured confidence.

For more information, please see our portfolio on this software or to discuss further information regarding price, how to customize TAK2ESRI for your organization, or for other information, please contact us.




Client Problem

Broken, multi- segmental or do-it-yourself ADS-B equipment to track aircraft that can frequently cause/create downtime, interruptions and increased cost in operations. 

ACS Solution

ACS has created a rugged, portable, ready to go, easy to use out-of-the-box device to solve these problems, ADS-B TAK. Combining best in class, readily available COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware and software with a custom configuration interface, ADS-B TAK will integrate quickly and easily into any mission bringing real-time data into your common operating picture.

Here is how it works:

  • ADS-B TAK receives ADS-B data on both 978Mhz and 1090Mhz frequencies
  • ADS-B TAK processes the aircraft positional information and then pushes the data out as CoT (Cursor on Target) to desired destinations simultaneously
    • Multicast, either via WiFi (client or Access Point) or Local Radio Network
    • SitX (when connected to the internet)
    • TAK Server (FreeTAKServer or TPC TAK Server)

ACS ADS-B TAK best used for:

  • Mobile Command Center
  • Jump Operations
  • Wildland Fire Operations

ADS-B TAK Provides:

  • Connectivity almost anywhere due to ADS-B TAK being network agnostic
  • Simple configuration to be operational quickly
  • Reduction in training time
  • Easy integration into any common operating picture
  • Accurate airborne traffic information for optimal decision making
  • Highly effective situational awareness for all users
  • All of the above advantages assist in cost reduction!

Adeptus Cyber Solutions has harnessed the technology of the ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) transmitter with the versatility of the TAK (Team Awareness Kit) to create a simple and easy to used portable device called the ADS-B TAK. The two merged systems have the ability to display all ADS-B broadcasting air traffic with-in your common operating picture. 

In the most common use cases, such as mobile command centers, jump operations and wildfire situations, the user of the ADS-B TAK have been able to make clear, decisive decisions because they can trust what they are seeing is true and reliable. Commanders in charge can be confident that their staff will be safe as they enter or deploy into the airspace. 

Product Dimensions: (SWaP):

  • Length: 4 in / 10.16cm
  • Width: 3 in / 7.62cm
  • Depth: 1.5 in / 3.81cm
  • Weight: 
  • Power Requirements: USB-C 3.0A

Internal components:

  • Broadcom BCM2711 Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.8GHz
  • 4GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM
  • Two – 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac wireless
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1090ES Radio with Antenna
  • UAT Radio with Antenna
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 50 degrees C ambient

To obtain further information or to purchase this device, contact us.