GOTS TAK Server systemd start scripts

The latest release of the GOTS TAK Server, version 5.1, retains legacy init.d scripts. Starting from version 5.0, the startup scripts were modularized into individual services, which alleviates server overload during startup.

In earlier iterations of the GOTS TAK Server, the startup process relied on a monolithic script that initiated all services simultaneously. This approach posed challenges by overwhelming CPUs as multiple TAK Server services competed for processing resources. Our team developed these scripts to mitigate such issues, enabling deployment on smaller virtual machines and EC2 instances.

Our newly introduced systemd scripts, accessible here, prioritize sequential service startup to reduce CPU load during initialization and align the scripts with current systemd standards. Extensive testing has been conducted on Amazon Linux 2023, CentOS 7, and RedHat 8 platforms to ensure compatibility and reliability.

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