ATAK Plugin Development Training Course

Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC proudly introduces a comprehensive 3-day ATAK Plugin Development training course. This immersive program is meticulously crafted to provide a practical learning experience. Participants will delve into real-world scenarios, mastering the fundamentals of ATAK Plugin Development.

Our hands-on approach ensures that the knowledge acquired during the course is directly applicable to your projects. Through interactive sessions and guided exercises, participants will gain invaluable insights and skills to effectively design and implement ATAK Plugins.

To ensure that your team receives the best possible instruction, we send one of our expert trainers directly to your facility. Our dedicated trainer will work closely with your team, providing comprehensive guidance and support to maximize the effectiveness of the training session. We believe that this method fosters a more engaging and impactful learning experience, enabling your team to fully grasp and implement the skills and knowledge imparted.

Join us for this engaging training opportunity, tailored to empower you with the tools and expertise needed to enhance your ATAK capabilities and propel your projects forward. Unlock the full potential of ATAK Plugin Development with Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC.

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Pricing Update

At Adeptus Cyber Solutions, we deeply value customer feedback and are committed to continuously improving our services based on your input. In response to the valuable feedback we have received, we are announcing a revamp of our training pricing structure. Our new pricing model now includes the cost of the instructor’s travel to your facility, simplifying the process and providing greater transparency. This all-inclusive pricing allows for more straightforward budgeting and eliminates unexpected costs, ensuring you can plan effectively and with confidence. We believe this change will enhance your experience with our training programs and demonstrate our dedication to meeting your needs.

ATAK Plugin Development “Getting Started” Guide

Adeptus Cyber Solutions (ACS), a leader in ATAK Plugin Development, is releasing a “Getting Started Guide” for ATAK Plugin Development.

Elevate your ATAK experience with Adeptus Cyber Solutions.  Whether you require specialized plugins, ATAK training, TAK Server support, assistance with CI/CD pipelines, or plugin quality testing we are here to assist. Reach out to find out more at

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