Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC Announces Launch of Innovative ATAK Plugin Training Course

Myrtle Beach, SC [22 April 2024] – Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC is excited to unveil its latest offering, a cutting-edge ATAK Plugin Training Course designed to equip professionals with essential skills in Advanced Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) plugin development.

ATAK, a widely-used geospatial and situational awareness platform, is revolutionizing mission planning and execution for defense and emergency response teams. To maximize the potential of ATAK, Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC has developed a comprehensive 3-day training program focused on hands-on plugin development.

“Our ATAK Plugin Training Course is tailored for individuals and organizations seeking to leverage ATAK’s capabilities through custom plugins,” said Timothy Reed, Managing Director of Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC. “Participants will receive immersive training in plugin development, enabling them to create specialized tools and functionalities within the ATAK environment.”

Key highlights of the training course include:

  • In-depth exploration of ATAK plugin architecture and development principles.
  • Practical exercises and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning.
  • Guidance from industry experts with extensive experience in ATAK development.
  • Access to resources and support for continued learning and development.

The ATAK Plugin Training Course is ideal for software developers, engineers, and professionals involved in defense, public safety, and emergency response sectors.

“We are excited to empower participants with the skills to extend ATAK’s capabilities and adapt it to specific operational needs,” added Mr. Reed.

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About Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC:

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