In an era where, too often, current issues set the pace of cyber defenses development, Adeptus Cyber Solutions is anticipating the problems of tomorrow to provide solutions today.

Understanding Cybersecurity:
Cybersecurity is the proactive safeguarding of computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from insidious attacks orchestrated by malicious entities. These threats, which transcend geographical boundaries, are sophisticated and often leverage social engineering techniques to outsmart defenders and solution providers. The battleground is global, and the adversaries’ intelligence evolves continuously, giving them unprecedented speed and insight.

Adapting to Evolving Threats:
Bad actors are finding new ways every day to cause harm and security vulnerabilities come to light within, mere hours of the introduction of a new security product or feature that is brought to the market. At ACS, we recognize that these persistent problems need persistent, proactive attention. Our solutions focus on arming you with the cybersecurity measures you need to win tomorrow’s fight

The ACS Advantage:
At Adeptus Cyber Solutions, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cybersecurity research, cyber hardening, and cyber agility. Our team of experts is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, continually enhancing our understanding of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Through cutting-edge research, we develop innovative solutions that go beyond traditional approaches to fortify your digital infrastructure.

Unrivaled Expertise in Cybersecurity

At Adeptus Cyber Solutions, our commitment to cybersecurity excellence extends beyond standard frameworks. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled expertise in a diverse range of advanced technologies and methodologies, ensuring that your organization is not only compliant but also fortified against evolving cyber threats.

Comprehensive Skill Set

Cybersecurity Frameworks

  • NIST 800-53/800-171: To ensure your organization operates at the highest levels of security, we can help you implement and maintain the stringent security controls outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ensuring that your organization operates at the highest levels of security.
  • FedRAMP: When you need to meet the standards of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), we can help you navigate the complexities of that process.
  • FIPS-140: Your sensitive data needs robust encryption to protect it; Adeptus Cyber Solutions can guide you through Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS-140) implementation and compliance.
  • RMF (Risk Management Framework): Managing cybersecurity risk throughout your organization requires a systematic approach. We can get you started by walking you through RMF implementation.

Processes and Platforms:

In addition to standard frameworks, we have mastered several processes and platforms to help assist you, such as:

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management): Adeptus Cyber Solutions leverages SIEM solutions, including Elk Stack and OpenSearch, to provide real-time analysis of security alerts, ensuring swift and effective responses to potential threats.
  • Xacta: Adeptus Cyber Solutions is proficient in the implementation and management of Xacta, streamlining the risk management and compliance processes.
  • DevSecOps: Our commitment to secure development practices is reflected in our expertise in DevSecOps, integrating security seamlessly into the software development lifecycle.
  • ATO (Authority to Operate): We guide organizations through the ATO process, ensuring that your systems and applications are granted the necessary authorization to operate securely.
  • STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides): Our experts are well-versed in implementing and maintaining STIGs to enhance the security posture of your systems.

Tailored Solutions for Your Security Needs

With Adeptus Cyber Solutions as your cybersecurity partner, you gain access to a comprehensive skill set that goes beyond the ordinary. Your organization has unique challenges and navigating cybersecurity can be complex; with Adeptus Cyber Solutions, you can be confident you have a fortified and resilient digital environment to safeguard your assets.

Your Security, Our Priority:
In a world where the digital landscape is a battleground, Adeptus Cyber Solutions stands as a fortress, dedicated to protecting your digital assets. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with confidence, knowing that you have a team of experts committed to your security.

Welcome to a future where cybersecurity isn’t just a defense; it’s a proactive and dynamic strategy. Welcome to Adeptus Cyber Solutions – where security solutions stay ahead of the problems. Contact Us to see how we can help you today.