Medical Incident Report ATAK Plugin

Medical Incident Report (MIR) ATAK Plugin

Client Problem:

In the critical moments following a medical incident, documenting the details accurately and efficiently is paramount. Recognizing the need for rapid incident reporting on-site, a client of ACS sought a solution to streamline the documentation process post-incident. 

ACS Solution:

Enter the Medical Incident Report Plugin, developed by Adeptus Cyber Solutions. This plugin allows users to initiate medical incident reports based on the Incident Command System, ICS, 206 form directly within the ATAK platform. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, vital information is captured promptly so medical personnel can develop treatment plans more effectively.

Who Would Benefit:

  • First Responders, EMTs, and Paramedics: Streamline incident documentation processes for improved efficiency in emergency response.
  • Security Officers: Enhance incident reporting capabilities to ensure accurate documentation of medical events.
  • Medical Incident Technicians in Emergency Triage Areas: Simplify the documentation process for better coordination and communication during medical incidents.
  • Unit Medics: Enable rapid incident reporting for comprehensive medical documentation in military settings.

Key Features: Upon completion of the incident report form, users can effortlessly generate an ICS 206 PDF, providing a comprehensive record of the incident for further analysis and review.

ICS 206 in ATAK

Experience ACS Innovation: The Medical Incident Report Plugin is another testament to ACS’s commitment to exceeding client satisfaction. Driven by a passion for fulfilling client needs and requests, we continue to innovate and deliver solutions that make a difference. If your organization could benefit from the Medical Incident Report Plugin, contact ACS today.